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Travel Insurance

Buy in Seconds, Quick Reimbursement, Worldwide Coverage.

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Medical Insurance

newton insurance makes the process as simple as possible. With 24-hour access to quality doctors, a wide network of coverage, simple approval procedures, and quick payment turnaround newton insurance helps you get the care you need without the inconvenience.

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Home Insurance

Damages to your home – whether man made or from natural hazards – can feel so very personal. Protect your heart by insuring your home and all that is in it with newton insurance.

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Life Insurance

An unexpected loss of life can seriously debilitate those who depend on us and interrupt their security.

Help your loved ones keep going in your absence by taking our a life insurance plan.

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Marine Insurance

Marine transportation can be affected by a range of hazards. newton Insurance risk management strategies ensure the security of your business and the protection marine cargo. Our dedicated team can provide tailored risk solutions, developed to minimize business interruptions. We will assess, manage, and control your risk.

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Property & Casualty Insurance

A small damage can cost high losses to your property and interrupt the progress of your business and thus its profits. Our risk management team will assist you in finding the best solution to protect your business and keep it going.

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