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What types of insurance does newton insurance provide!

 Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, General Insurance, Marine Insurance.

What coverage does newton insurance provide for medical insurance plans!

newton insurance provides 4 different plans that enables the client to choose what best suits his/her financial needs, including:

  • Premium+

  • Premium

  • Basic

  • Budget (In hospital)

What is the amount required for health insurance!

Health insurance pricing depends mainly on the age of the insured, health status and insurance plan.
For example, annual prices for the age group of 18-40 per person with the assumption that the insured does not suffer from anything.

  • Premium+ - 670.00 JOD

  • Premium - 545.00 JOD

  • Basic – 289.00 JOD

  • Budget (in hospital) - 144.00 JOD

I want to take out life insurance, where do I begin!

You've started at the right place by coming to us. Now you have to think about exactly what you need us to cover in case you can't be there. Gathering some personal financial information would be the best way to do it. For instance, will your family stay in the same home? What monthly expenses have to be met? And for how long? Will you need us to cover schooling fees, transport costs, additional help at home? Remember, everyone goes through unique life circumstances. To help us help you in the best way possible, please fill in the short ‘Contact us form’ and one of our consultants will call you at your convenience to discuss your needs.

Why do I need life insurance - why now! 

The main purpose of life insurance is to provide financial support for anyone you might leave behind in the unfortunate event of your death. The money your insurance will provide will ensure that your family keeps the home they live in, has enough money to live on and can cover costs like school fees and bills. Life insurance plans can also be a form of savings, used for your future needs like your child’s education, or wedding or even an added income for your retirement, to help you maintain the standard of living you have built up over the years. If you’d like to know more about how a life insurance plan could suit your specific needs, fill in our short ‘Contact us form’ and one of our consultants will call you at your convenience.

How do I find the right medical insurance!

Look at the range of products we offer and the different features of each to decide on the right plan for your specific needs. If you need help deciding, fill in our short ‘Contact us form’ and one of our consultants will call you at your convenience.

Does a newton insurance offer dental and optical benefits!

In addition to the full in-and-out patient coverage, you can also include dental and optical benefits into your plan.

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