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Schengen & The Middle East | Starts at JOD 11

Schengen countries approved


  • Geographical coverage Europe & The Middle East 

  • Medical Expenses and Hospitalization Abroad € 30,000

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Actual Expense

  • Emergency Dental Care € 1,000

  • Repatriation of  Mortal Remains Actual Expense

  • Repatriation of family member traveling with the insured € 2,000

  • Emergency  Return Home  Following Death of a Close Relative € 2,000

  • Travel OF ONE Immediate Family Member Not Covered 

  • 24 Hours Assistance Services Covered

  • Delivery  of  Medicines Not Covered 

  • Advance  of  Bail  Bond Not Covered 

  • Legal Defense Not Covered 

  • Hijacking Not Covered 

  • loss of Passport, driving license, national Identity card abroad Not Covered 

  • Compensation for in-flight loss of checked-in baggage Not Covered 

  • Compensation for delay in the arrival of luggage Not Covered 

  • Delayed Departure Not Covered 

  • location & forwarding of personal effects Covered

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